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20 Years with Honest Abe

Once he was big enough to shovel sawdust, Reeves worked at his dad’s sawmill. Three younger brothers gradually joined the business. He doesn’t remember not knowing how to drive. By the age of sixteen, he was hauling lumber on a 1954 Chevrolet six wheel truck and eventually got his CDL’s to drive the tractor and trailer. There were no holidays from work and there was no pay for sick days.

Reeves learned everything about the sawmill: how to select cut the best trees, how to run the edger, drive the bulldozer and skidders, how to look at a tree and cut it to maximize the amount of lumber, and how to market the lumber.

Many days began at 4:00 in the morning, hauling a load of lumber to a local furniture factory. He’d be back at the sawmill by 7:00 a.m. to swage his saw and check the fluids in the equipment before the workers arrived to begin their day at about 8:00 a.m. He stopped for lunch, usually a can of sardines and crackers, and occasionally for mechanical reasons. After the workers left for the day, usually around dark, Reeves would load up the truck with the lumber for the next morning’s run. He’d head home to do paperwork and make a few phone calls.

Once in awhile, while he was stopped at a gas station or restaurant with a trailer load of green house logs, someone would ask him to sell them the load to build a house. He’d refuse and then explain to them the hazards of building a house with green logs. It was during this time of Reeves’ life that he got to know Rick Denton, then the log buyer and draftsperson for Honest Abe Log Homes. A relationship developed between Reeves and Rick, though only by telephone, and the Honest Abe staff. Reeves was impressed by not only their friendliness, but their honesty and integrity by which they conducted their business with him. Eventually, Reeves became a dealer so he could offer people an alternative to the green logs that he was hauling.

Several years later, Reeves and I met and married. He was still sawmilling full-time and I taught school. Reeves would sell a house once in awhile. I would be by his side with the expression on my face stating, “I’m clueless but I’ll make you a cup of coffee!” I knew absolutely nothing about building except which end of a hammer hits a nail.

God has interesting ways of changing one’s lifestyle drastically. All it took for us was Reeves’ back surgery. Suddenly, Reeves couldn’t pick up more than forty pounds, so sawmilling was out. Building our little model and both of us going full time with the dealership was purely an act of faith. Johnson County, Tennessee, with a total population of sixteen thousand, was not exactly a wide-open market. With God as our partner, we decided to give it a shot, built an Algood, made some business cards and set our business hours.

The first year crept by. We had quite a bit of traffic, over two hundred people, but only two sales. That didn’t come close to replacing one of our salaries. However, during that time, we began going to log home shows, traveled to many customer homes, had a seminar at the model, and began small scale advertising.

The second year, however, began right away with two sales. We went to five log home shows, had a log raising in June, several open houses, began a radio advertising campaign, and traveled extensively to potential customer homes. The month following our log raising, we signed seven purchase agreements!

We’ve worked extremely hard, traveling, corresponding by emails, phone calls, learning the Punch software, along with endless hours pouring over floor plans with customers. The people we have worked with have been a blessing. We have made many new friends.

We could never have done this alone. We owe so much to the Honest Abe team. Josh Beasley and Randy Fudge came to Mountain City to have our log raising. Jackie Cherry and Jeff Clements have been here to assist us with customers. The entire drafting department has been extremely patient with us especially when we’ve really screwed up!!

Other dealers have also helped us. Twice we have taken customers to Rick and Betty Blair’s beautiful mountain home and they have lavished their charm and hospitality graciously. One of our customers even asked if all of Honest Abe’s dealers were as nice as the Blairs!

Chris Plummer met a contact who was building near us. He drove that customer three hours to Mountain City, visited the house site with Reeves and the customer, and then drove the three hours back home that same day.

Personally, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the sales staff, particularly Jay Watson. He put up with a lot of stupid questions and babysat me on the phone many times as I grew in my knowledge of the log home business. I’m sure there were days he wished he had Caller I.D. but he has always been kind, patient, and an extremely good tutor.

After having worked many log home shows, hearing customer comments, and visiting competitors, we believe Honest Abe is a very unique company. There’s a special bond among the staff, the dealers, and their customers that we’ve not seen anywhere else. This bond is what attracted Reeves to Honest Abe twenty years ago and it’s what keeps us going. After all, the best product from the best people ---

It’s what we always wanted!

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